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One Year!

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Today is the one year anniversary of my husband loosing his right leg!

This year WE have learned how to heal, walk on a prosthetic leg, mold padding, the true definition of socks and their many uses!

We have endured comments, questions, over come fears and re-learning to drive!

Rob is truly an inspiration and has shown me just how much of a man he really is (I had my doubts after watching him try to put IKEA furniture together!).

So tonight we celebrate… Ron James show and a nice dinner together!

Love you babe!

my insides are a hot lava of bubbling poop today!

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I have a meeting at 9:45am with the principal, psychologist, and language pathologist, to discuss my little guy!

We knew before kindergarten started that there was something wrong! He wasn’t learning! The alphabet was beyond him! I tried to talk to his first teacher, who assured me that “he is just young…he’ll get it”.

I pulled him from that school after JK and told the new school there is something wrong! They agreed to watch and after 2 weeks they agreed with me! This year they put him in reading recovery, we got him diagnosed with ADHD and medicated!

Today is the day I find out if he is learning disabled! If so, what kind of disability, and what the next course of action is!

When I had my kids I didn’t know exactly how much my heart would bleed for them! I just want him to be ok!

(And maybe to stop making me want to karate chop him in the Larynx 15 times a day! But I’m pretty sure that might be wishful thinking!!)

The reasons my kids love me!

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1)I give them icecream for breakfast.

2)When they ask me for something my answer is always, “Whatever, I dont care just be careful and don’t make mommy have to take you to the hospital or jail!”

3)I tell my husband to shut up I can’t hear the TV when he is yelling at them.

4) I sneak them treats after dark

5)I write notes to the teacher to excuse their homework not being done!

6) We have a sign in our kitchen that reads “Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a nice, normal family”.

7) I play catch from the kitchen window with my son (no we don’t have a screen-stop judging me).

8)I let them drive when I’m Drunk (they LOVE that).

9) My boy has broken 6 bikes in two years… and I keep getting him new ones! – okay well the neighbours kids keep loosing them….(it is new to him so he doesn’t mind!!)

10) I surround them with the Gays and sinners… I’m TOTALLY saving their souls yo!!