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My baby boy!

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Well we had a great summer! The kids ran a muck, we worked our butts off and reaped small monetary rewards…
Now the stress of the year comes around! Schedules, lunches, fund-raising, school plays, and a boy with a learning disability struggling everyday to understand what other kids are easily and naturally picking up!

I’m worried about him! I’m worried that he will get discouraged or feel that he isn’t good enough!

I make sure to always praise his efforts! But I just hope in the long run its enough!

my insides are a hot lava of bubbling poop today!

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I have a meeting at 9:45am with the principal, psychologist, and language pathologist, to discuss my little guy!

We knew before kindergarten started that there was something wrong! He wasn’t learning! The alphabet was beyond him! I tried to talk to his first teacher, who assured me that “he is just young…he’ll get it”.

I pulled him from that school after JK and told the new school there is something wrong! They agreed to watch and after 2 weeks they agreed with me! This year they put him in reading recovery, we got him diagnosed with ADHD and medicated!

Today is the day I find out if he is learning disabled! If so, what kind of disability, and what the next course of action is!

When I had my kids I didn’t know exactly how much my heart would bleed for them! I just want him to be ok!

(And maybe to stop making me want to karate chop him in the Larynx 15 times a day! But I’m pretty sure that might be wishful thinking!!)