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its been a while

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Wow so much has been going on…where to start? My 48 year old aunt passed away just over two weeks ago, my uncle had MAJOR reconstructive surgery on his stomach and intestines and my mom had surgery on wednesday as well!

I have been running all over the province this month and have not had a moment to myself!

Soooo I’m baaacckkk and JUST IN TIME TOO!! CAMPING came back too! Are you guys seriously prepared this time?

I for one am making my end of days posters right now! You should make one too and we can compare! I plan to bedazzle mine! I feel the more flashy the faster the space ship will recognize me! 🙂

Ok now its for REAL YO!

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I have always believed in the impending Rapture but now… Now its real..

An earth quake in the east?

I bought a cookie for breakfast… Thought it was bran turns out it was date ….yuck…and I ate it anyway!!!

Amy Winehouse had no illegal drugs in her system!

Britney Spears is getting some kind of lifetime achievement award.

What more proof do you need???