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working from home!

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So I can’t say I am the luckiest girl in the world because to be honest my thighs are to thick for that, and I’m not that rich, which you should translate to dirt poor!

But I get to work from home!!!!! No not yet but soon I will be answering all your technical support questions while drinking coffee in the nude!!

Screw casual fridays!!! Everyday is casual day!

My work space is 15 toe lengths from my bed! So who knows, maybe I won’t even get out of bed!

Ahhh life is….good!

swimming for hair-do’s

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Come on girls! You remember doing this don’t you?

My digs for the week!

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I have the rest of the week off to spend pool side with my kiddies! And a bottle of wine!

Well if the kids ever learned to shut the hell up I might not need the wine…. Ahhhh who am I kidding? Yes I would!

Everything is better with wine!!

i get to live vicariously

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Through some of these fine people! :).

(Because I don’t want puking, peeing, pooping babies). Been there done that!

These ladies and gents are going to be and ARE already wicked parents! 🙂

what was i thinking?

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I am leaving the good old T(dot)O for the north! Made all the arrangements and decided tonight after work IS.THE.NIGHT!!! I’m dragging up two car loads of people… AFTER WORK! For a 5 hour drive on a holiday weekend during rush hour!

For anyone who knows the 400 will know… I’m screwed! I figure I will get there just in time to turn around and come home!

Wish me luck!

some of my recent work!

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I got to photograph this lovely family last weekend! Their little one is sooooo cute!

Almost, ALMOST makes me want a million kiddies! But then I remember I hardly like the two I’ve got! ;). Hahahaha!!!

sneak peak!

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Why don’t you click on over to for a sneak peak of the photo shoot my sister and I did yesterday!

The photos up right now are just the “safe” ones because the mom wants to look at and choose which of the “unsafe” pictures get advertised!

Tell us what you think….share the love!


nakid photography!

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AT a photo shoot today! Naked and pregnant! 🙂 NO not me…phew, because then it would be naked pregnant and crying and no one wants to photograph that! I shall share later! 🙂

The reasons my kids love me!

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1)I give them icecream for breakfast.

2)When they ask me for something my answer is always, “Whatever, I dont care just be careful and don’t make mommy have to take you to the hospital or jail!”

3)I tell my husband to shut up I can’t hear the TV when he is yelling at them.

4) I sneak them treats after dark

5)I write notes to the teacher to excuse their homework not being done!

6) We have a sign in our kitchen that reads “Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a nice, normal family”.

7) I play catch from the kitchen window with my son (no we don’t have a screen-stop judging me).

8)I let them drive when I’m Drunk (they LOVE that).

9) My boy has broken 6 bikes in two years… and I keep getting him new ones! – okay well the neighbours kids keep loosing them….(it is new to him so he doesn’t mind!!)

10) I surround them with the Gays and sinners… I’m TOTALLY saving their souls yo!!

Lord KNOWS its good to be a cat!

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I introduced you to my dog Cassie! She’s an idiot!

Now its time to introduce you to my kitty cat… Justin!

He is seriously the most loungey cat ever! He enjoys having his belly rubbed, and he is VERY vocal first thing in the morning and late at night! During the day you really don’t hear from him!

Everyone adores him!

He is the Garfield to Cassies Odie!