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Quick i need to know….

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Is doing the pee dance and walking too and from the bathroom considered exercise?

If so…I’m fucking fit!!!

Back to the grind stone!

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I’m officially back at work and also officially out of vacation time! 😦

I am officially bummed out and officially need and official lottary win so I can officially retire!

I officially don’t have the $ to take any more time off work. I officially need to find a sugar daddy….sorry Rob but it would just be for his deep pockets!

I officially need to stop saying officially!

what exactly is the purpose of ribs?

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I don’t get it! Why ribs?

My mom and aunt in the summer always work at the community events being held all over ontario!

This weekend they were in Collingwood which is a driving distance of where I live!

This is a rib and chili cook off…they sell fresh lemon aid and in another tent jewelry!

So I decided to drive up with my sister and daughter to visit with my mom for the day!

I was excited because YUMMY BBQ! But each time I order and eat ribs the same questions pop into mind…

#1) what animal am I eating exactly?

#2) why did I just spend $22 on this?

#3) steak tastes as good, is BBQ, and comes with at least 3 times more meat for the same cost!

So I officially don’t understand the draw of the rib crowed.

i like her style!

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I found this letter hand written by my daughter! She is nine and either she is brilliant and made this up herself, or she copies. Wonderfully! Either way I like her style!

“Fidelity, she’s a trustworthy, mega-freind with super-sonic listening skills. A speedy sense of humor and bullet-proof loyalty. She fights negativity and looks totally good in tights!”

That’s my girl!

ON the road again!

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We are back pounding the pavement, driving around gods green mile! We are car shopping again!

This time we are going to big established dealerships! We have learned our lesson!

My ass is tired, raw and closed for business after this last guy, and his ‘financing company’. Total douchhags!

Now to learn how to haggle prices!

getting pissy!!

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The last month has been a rough one! It seems that once I jump over one hurdle, there is another one waiting for me! My fat ass can’t take it anymore! I need to sit down and just die for a little while… Have someone rub my feet and bring me breakfast in bed and to not have any more…out of my control.. Bullshittery show up!!

I told y’all (I’m not from the south but I am a bastard and will use it anyway). I am buying a new car! Well we were supposed to pick it up last week but there was a slight delay! So we were supposed to pay our agreed upon deposit today and pick up the car on saturday! We have not heard from the dealer or the bank since WE called last week!

The dealer said that the bank has not paid him yet! So we called the bank!

The bank said that they had to make some adjustments (after already being approved) which changed the monthly payment and our downpayment amount!!!!!!!! AND THEY DID NOT CALL US TO DISCUSS THIS WITH US!!

Unacceptable! Period!!

Why do the Canadian Dinosaurs have better weapons then the Canadian Army??

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The war started with Laura over at Fetch My Flying Monkeys

His gun means BUSINESS.

Now they have brought out the big guns!

When your gun is this big you need a wing man!

NO Tucan is safe!


we did it….FINALLY!

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We bought a new (to us) car! A 2007 Dodge Charger!

So let’s compare shall we??

why do i wait for saturday?

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All week I wait for the weekend!

On Monday I say “good damn its already Monday….where’s my coffee?”

On Tuesday I say “shit I’m tired, there should be a law against 5am alarm clocks….where’s my coffee?”

On Wednesday I say “ITS HUMP DAY….but in reality I’m far too tired to hump anything (unless Jason Statham shows up then watch out).

On Thursday I say “Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday…I don’t think I can bear much more”.

On Friday I say “Is it 3pm yet? When will this dat be over TGIF”.

On Saturday my kids wake me up at 6am fighting over the computer and who gets the last cookie (that they just ate the whole bag together)! I get up scream everyone shut up your fauther is sleeping!!! Then I look around and say “FUCK, where did all this laundry come from? And who made this big mess!!!”. And I spend the weekend cleaning, shopping and laundry!