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working from home!

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So I can’t say I am the luckiest girl in the world because to be honest my thighs are to thick for that, and I’m not that rich, which you should translate to dirt poor!

But I get to work from home!!!!! No not yet but soon I will be answering all your technical support questions while drinking coffee in the nude!!

Screw casual fridays!!! Everyday is casual day!

My work space is 15 toe lengths from my bed! So who knows, maybe I won’t even get out of bed!

Ahhh life is….good!

One Year!

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Today is the one year anniversary of my husband loosing his right leg!

This year WE have learned how to heal, walk on a prosthetic leg, mold padding, the true definition of socks and their many uses!

We have endured comments, questions, over come fears and re-learning to drive!

Rob is truly an inspiration and has shown me just how much of a man he really is (I had my doubts after watching him try to put IKEA furniture together!).

So tonight we celebrate… Ron James show and a nice dinner together!

Love you babe!

My baby boy!

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Well we had a great summer! The kids ran a muck, we worked our butts off and reaped small monetary rewards…
Now the stress of the year comes around! Schedules, lunches, fund-raising, school plays, and a boy with a learning disability struggling everyday to understand what other kids are easily and naturally picking up!

I’m worried about him! I’m worried that he will get discouraged or feel that he isn’t good enough!

I make sure to always praise his efforts! But I just hope in the long run its enough!

my week in hell!

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This week I was basically in the bush with no signal! (This should have been the first clue to turn around)…

In order to get signal I had to stand on my head with my left arm at an eighty degree angle and my left pointer finger up my nose! So please forgive me for being absent!

We were there to help build and prepare land for my uncle to build on! He had these plans and got really sick and now can’t do this on his own!
It was hot and hard work but it wasn’t all bad!

what was i thinking?

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I am leaving the good old T(dot)O for the north! Made all the arrangements and decided tonight after work IS.THE.NIGHT!!! I’m dragging up two car loads of people… AFTER WORK! For a 5 hour drive on a holiday weekend during rush hour!

For anyone who knows the 400 will know… I’m screwed! I figure I will get there just in time to turn around and come home!

Wish me luck!

Ya its hot…so am I but i dont hear you complaining about that!

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My husband is his own worst enemy….and I can’t tell if its because he is a Taurus, a man or an idiot…. Either way he can not handle the heat!

We have one window airconditioner….its in the livingroom! This means the second floor of your house is H.O.T hot! I don’t mind the heat, for me its a nice break from the winter months where ‘he’ opens the windows for “fresh air”!

So I suggested that he either sleep on the couch or take a cold shower before coming to be! He refuses! Every 10 seconds he sighs and says ” it is tooooo fucking. Hot in herrrrrreeeeeee”. But he refuses to heed my amazing advice!

The big problem is that because he is CHOOSiNG to suffer…I have to suffer right along side him!

If I have to hear about the heat anymore….I just might get stabby!

i need to be possessed with the I-don’t-give-a-damns!!

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I have two much stress on my plate and for the love of assholes I care too much!

So if you have any advice on how to master the I-don’t-give-a-damn’s, I need to know!


i’m surprised he can survive this life!

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I work with an idiot! No really he’s off more then he is on! He is *wink* sick *wink* and by sick I mean lazy!

here are a few gems I heard him say just yesterday!

“We don’t need formal education anymore, because we have Youtube!”

Thought he muted the customer but didn’t “no wonder she’s single”.

“You just wait, give it two years and everything will be tablets, laptops and desktops will not exist! Everything will be wireless….even home phones will be like the magic jack!”

I honestly don’t know how he has a job! Last year he worked 2 out of 12 months! He is a pathological liar (my favorite kind!) And everyone coddles him! Drives me nuts!!


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This weekend hubby and I split up the kids and went our own ways! I went to collingwood to visit with family and he took Gavin to the hockey hall of fame with some other visiting family!

We were to meet back up in Collingwood for the evening and have a BBQ all together!

At 6:15pm I get a call from my cousin saying “we are in bumper to bumper traffic and I don’t know what happened but Rob just got pulled over by 3 cop cars!”

So now I’m panicking…he couldn’t have been speeding, oh shit was the car stolen before we bought it? He has Gavin! Maybe his radio was up to high…a noise disturbance? Fuck he isn’t answering his cell!
Finally he shows up…

He was pulled over because apparently it is a federal offense to have a fake ‘brass knuckle’ belt buckle, hanging from your rear view mirror!

Profiling at its best! Might be notable it was also hanging from the ford for 6 years and didn’t even get noticed! I’m interested to see how often he gets pulled over now!

We took an ass raping but we finally got there!

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Introducing our new Dodge Charger! It costs $80 to fuel at 1.25/L. But is such a sweet ride!

Rob tells me he is sleeping with her tonight! Says he needs to get to know her! (I will put a protective device (aka chastity belt) on the tail pipe). Protection!

Rob is smiling ear to ear! And I haven’t had the pleasure of driving it yet! (Bastards)!

I think I should be jealous only the car doesn’t have boobs and I think that means I am sexier! If only marginally!