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Ok now its for REAL YO!

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I have always believed in the impending Rapture but now… Now its real..

An earth quake in the east?

I bought a cookie for breakfast… Thought it was bran turns out it was date ….yuck…and I ate it anyway!!!

Amy Winehouse had no illegal drugs in her system!

Britney Spears is getting some kind of lifetime achievement award.

What more proof do you need???

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Well I guess since you are still around... you didn't get Raptured either ... That means you are a SINNER... so stop judging me!

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  1. Yo, seriously, there was an earthquake in Colorado, too. 5.6. And no one noticed.

    I feel so cheated. BUT. I once met a guy who thought that the big faults in Colorado would one day open up and spew lava into the air and create volcanos, and basically make Colorado the new Mordor.

    THAT, I think, would qualify for some apocalypseness.

  2. I really want a definite date. I want to get a bunch (and I mean a bunch) of credit cards and go traveling first.

  3. I kept hearing there was gonna be some kind of “tribute” to Brit-Brit… and I was all like, “The FUCK? Is she dead?” I guess I’m a lot stricter than the awards folks!

  4. The fact that Amy Winehouse didn’t have illegal drugs in her system was a huge red flag for the upcoming end of days!


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