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I can’t believe IIpaid $100 for dinner and your ‘air conditioning’ feels like hot dogs breath!

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In Toronto we are having a heat wave! Now I know those from the south will snicker and say “is that all…that’s January weather”. But for Torontonians this is basically hell on earth!

Yesterday got to 41 C feels like 50 C…. This is slow cooker temperatures! If you stand out side for too long you will cook!

So we had to run an errand and piled Rob, me, the kids and my sister into the new car and set off! It was ok in the car because we cranked the A/C but we decided to stop for dinner! We expected it would be nice and air conditioned, the waitress said it was cranked full blast….but there is no way, because any breeze that came by our table felt like hot dogs breath!

I love the heat…but this is too much! Come back 25 C with a gentle breeze!!


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  1. Mmm… hot dog breath blowing on my food. That sounds… great…

    I live on the edge of this massive bubble of hell known as the heat wave, so it’s hot all day, and storms almost every evening, massive powerful thunderstorms. Which is kinda cool if it would stop flinging hail at my garden.

  2. Okay, I’ll stop complaining. At 8:00 AM it was 92 °F (33.33 °C) here but the weather guessers are saying we may get some relief from the heat wave Sunday or Monday as a cold front moves our way…….from Canada!

  3. Sheez, last summer we averaged 3 weeks of over 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 Fahrenheit) which included 4 days in a row over 40 degrees (you do the maths 🙂 )

    • Our summers usually average between 25 and 32 c! It wasn’t so much the hear itself we got up to 42 c that day….but the humidity made it 50 c! It was yucky!

      I think I would love Aussie but for the killer bugs and unbearable summer heat!

  4. You should have left. Grabbed the food and left.

  5. Maybe the air conditioning was running through the kitchen first. Nobody from the South needs to laugh at the heat wave in the north. In the south the air conditioning always works.


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