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what exactly is the purpose of ribs?

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I don’t get it! Why ribs?

My mom and aunt in the summer always work at the community events being held all over ontario!

This weekend they were in Collingwood which is a driving distance of where I live!

This is a rib and chili cook off…they sell fresh lemon aid and in another tent jewelry!

So I decided to drive up with my sister and daughter to visit with my mom for the day!

I was excited because YUMMY BBQ! But each time I order and eat ribs the same questions pop into mind…

#1) what animal am I eating exactly?

#2) why did I just spend $22 on this?

#3) steak tastes as good, is BBQ, and comes with at least 3 times more meat for the same cost!

So I officially don’t understand the draw of the rib crowed.


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  1. I have always thought the same thing. Plus they are friggin messy.


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