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my insides are a hot lava of bubbling poop today!

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I have a meeting at 9:45am with the principal, psychologist, and language pathologist, to discuss my little guy!

We knew before kindergarten started that there was something wrong! He wasn’t learning! The alphabet was beyond him! I tried to talk to his first teacher, who assured me that “he is just young…he’ll get it”.

I pulled him from that school after JK and told the new school there is something wrong! They agreed to watch and after 2 weeks they agreed with me! This year they put him in reading recovery, we got him diagnosed with ADHD and medicated!

Today is the day I find out if he is learning disabled! If so, what kind of disability, and what the next course of action is!

When I had my kids I didn’t know exactly how much my heart would bleed for them! I just want him to be ok!

(And maybe to stop making me want to karate chop him in the Larynx 15 times a day! But I’m pretty sure that might be wishful thinking!!)


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  1. Your son is cute! (:

    And I LOVE your blog title. It’s hilarious.

    I think I’d go to hell on blasphemy alone. Soooo. We’re probably in the same boat, partner.

    I wish you had a follow button. WORDPRESS SUCKS.

    • He is, isn’t he? I already know I am going to Hell. Christ, I have been asked to drive the bus there! Welcome Aboard!!

      I think I have a subscribe button?!?! humm just favourite me! 😉 I’ll do the same!!

  2. yeah your son is way too cute to have a learning disability 😛

    also i agree with jess, wordpress does suck.

    • He is super cute… and super annoying, and super hyper, and super loving, and super all around.

      But like I said above…the kid gives me the Gut Rot big time!! 😉 (Or maybe it was that sushi I ate last night???)

  3. ADHD – the most over diagnosed disease in the world. They labeled me with this as a kid too, and then dosed me with ritalin. Back then they just called it “Hyperactive.” The doctors told my mother, “he’s just a hyperactive child, but these drugs will help get him back on track.” I spent my second grade year stoned out of my skull. They also made me drink coffee.

    If your son doesn’t have a learning disability, if it’s just ADHD, it’s a bitch, but it wont’ stop him from living a normal life. I hope that’s all he has. Mainly, the ramifications are concentration and focus. Oddly, people with ADHD are very capable of focusing, but only on particular things. When the “snap-in” to something, they can become completely focused on it. So the key (in my opinion) is finding those things that he enjoys learning, and focusing on those. Yeah, his education might get a little lopsided in some areas, but in those areas he likes and can snap-in to, he’ll become extremely advanced.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    • He is on Concerta which is a fantastic med, we haven’t lost his personality at all. I was worried he would be stoned.

      We got the news he IS learning disabled, which I already knew in my heart anyway. Now its getting him the proper support that he needs to do well in life…

      I make sure any learning we do at home is super fun and that he is interested…if he isn’t interested we don’t do it…

      They are giving us things we can do to help and will have a plan of action in September!

      • My 9 year old is on Concerta as well (has been for the last 6 months), and this after years of trying and failing with all sorts of other meds.

        It’s been a long battle, but finally feels like we’re winning! He just got his mid-year school report, and has scored top marks in practically everything! And this from a child who was on his way to a special learning school!

        I was adamant I was keeping him in a normal school, his biological father and I have hit heads many times over this – he does not want him to take the meds and wants to put him in a special learning school – I put my foot down and told him that I was doing it MY way whether he liked it or not (he doesn’t like it, but TOUGH!!). I cannot wait to shove the little one’s latest school report under the dad’s nose (I’d prefer to shove it somewhere else, but that could get messy!).

        I went through it all, from having him almost stabbing another child at school with a pair of scissors, to disappearing from his classroom constantly, climbing onto rooftops and wanting to jump off because he was superman – the list is endless, but we have gone from that to a normal little boy who just wants to please everyone!

        The right medication WORKS, and can totally change a child’s life around! We cannot deny them this chance! Good luck with your little one Julia, it is absolutely worth it in the end!

  4. Is there the reverse of ADHD, cause I think I got it 😦 .
    Sheez, I do hope your son is OK , he looks like a little angel..

  5. That’s the down side of love – when you give your heart to someone, you give it to them to break

    Your wee man’s a happy-looking chappie. Hope the meeting this morning went better than you feared !

  6. johnstonphotography

    You can’t even see his horns in this picture! Damn I’m good! I also know the answer to teaching him…! Baseball! Ask him a question then when he answers throw the ball! The kid loves to play catch! Wait… never mind! I love his little face so much I want to punch him right in the snout! *SMOOCH


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