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I got to photograph this lovely family last weekend! Their little one is sooooo cute!

Almost, ALMOST makes me want a million kiddies! But then I remember I hardly like the two I’ve got! ;). Hahahaha!!!


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Well I guess since you are still around... you didn't get Raptured either ... That means you are a SINNER... so stop judging me!

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  1. These shots look absolutely beautiful. I also love the hue of the last photo, very nice. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Very nice work Julia. Just hope there ain’t no freaky clown behind that door 😦

    • Oh its worse then that! Its the “die- a – beadess” centre! So Mickey Rourke is hiding behind that door!

      Are the pictures grainy? I sent from my phone and I think it took the quality WAY down!

    • And this is exactly why my husband shakes his head laughing at me every single day!!!! I MEANT Wilford Brimley…. Although Mickey would be just as terrifying!!


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