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Put the Dick Down.

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This guy is a fucktwat of the highest order and needs to be castrated before he has the pleasure of populating the whole world with is ‘winner’ seed!

(Yo, guys! I’m having a really hard time holding back from making a date with this guy…he’s such a fucking catch!!!)


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  1. Blahaha now that’s a keeper! This isn’t Arnold by any chance?

  2. Now I’m dying to know — how do people handle that shit? Can you get extra assistance for your bastard children? I feel like this should be on a FAQ somewhere.

  3. Now, I don’t have any kids… THAT I KNOW OF… hmm, that somehow doesn’t make sense when a woman says it. But anyway, I have all the damn kittens, where’s my council flat?

  4. I always used the word fuckwad. Thanks for the new version!

    • Oh you are fucking welcome… You may also use fuckback (as in fuckback mountain), fuckwipe, fuckwhore, fuckwit, fuckdonkey…. the possibilities are ENDLESS!


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