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buying a car with my 3 year old husband

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(Note: this is unedited, who am I kidding everything I write is unedited)

We are in the market for a new (to us) car! Right now we have a Pontiac G5 (my car), and a ford focus wagon!

The ford has done its job and is begging for retirement! The trouble started about 2 months after we bought it when I noticed a rubber band hanging from under the dash. I pulled it….NEVER pull rubber bands from a ford..literally, it IS holding something together. In this case it was the car!

My husband lost his right leg last year, it was a tragic Ostrich accident. Anyway, its time to replace the Ford. Because this is going to be Rob’s car he is choosing which car it is! I gave him rules and he is not following them.

My rules: newer then 2005, under 150,000km, and can’t be a truck (gas and insurance costs suck here).

Over the weekend we went out looking at cars (he wants a dodge charger, magnum or some other beast-says he needs more space for his leg now, but would also settle for a mustang). We found one where he seriously tried to convince me the Magnum they had was PERFECT….it had 225,000km….. About 20,000km MORE then the car we are trying to fing replace!

SEND HELP…I’m car shopping with a toddler!


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  1. Okay, I must know more about an ostrich accident where he lost his leg. I was attacked my an ostrich once. Luckily, it left my limbs.

    • Well it all started when we went to the ostrich eating contest…you know they taste like gamey beef eh? Anyway! The Ostrich doesn’t like when you chase them with a fork and he totally sat, bit and kicked robs leg…and then it got weird…

  2. Correct. I was attacked TWICE by an ostrich. Fact.

  3. So far, I remain ostrich-attached free…

    Willie and I have one car between us, a ’94 Honda Accord. I’d like to say I’m kidding but I’m not: the front end is held on with nylon rope. We’re classy that way…

    We are honestly thinking of leasing a car. Neither one of us is mechanically inclined or care to be. Seems weird, though, renting a car, but it would be new and all maintenance covered! How sweet would that be?


    • Exactly Pearl!!! I’ll give you my 2002 ford focus wagon! It needs a windshield wiper motor! I refuse to pay for it! I will just risk the rain! šŸ™‚

  4. Personally, I am WAY too immature to make car payments. I can barely remember to pay the utilities. I scrimped and saved for a year and bought a 1999 Audi A4, and started making “car payments” into a savings account for my next car.

    That said, I think you should just go for broke and get a Miata. They might be completely useless for carrying more than two people, or one person at 2 grocery bags, but dang, those things are fun.

    • I tried to convince him to get a 1998 accent….before they got all hoity toity and good! But he is desperate for a car that makes him look manly….its because inside he’s a weeping fragile little girl!

  5. Wouldn’t you need less room, now hubby has no leg?

  6. Never mind the car, my question is: How does he drive with no right leg??

    Also, you are right about the manliness issue. The Hubs bought a Ford Flex and regrets it due to the gas and exorbitant payments. However, we kind of need a car that can haul a lot of gear, so I keep pointing out he would have had to get something big ANYWAY. Hi, my name is Andi and I’m an enabler.

    • Hello Andi, I am Julia and also an enabler!

      He drives with a prosthetic leg! It can be bulky, hence his ‘need’ of a big car…..(But he’ll settle for a mustang). Bahaha he’ll be lucky if he gets a gently used pinto!


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