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i had a physical relationship with Kim Kardashian!

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And by physical I mean I haven’t actually met her in person, I did not seek her out or approach her in anyway! She approached me!

And so when I say we had a physical relationship I mean we had a physically physical connection, it was physical!

But no we have not “actually” met!

(Its obvious she wants me!!)


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Well I guess since you are still around... you didn't get Raptured either ... That means you are a SINNER... so stop judging me!

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  1. It’s one crazy world. Attention seekers need apply.

    • Did you see this guys interview…what a fuck nut! If you bounce, kick or touch balls for a living you should be required by your contract to keep your ball-loving mouth SHUT! Idiots!

  2. Seriously, don’t like her. Well really I am “meh” about her. She has no charisma or personality DISPISE the fake baby talk her and her sisters do- famous because your father defended O.J. and for a sex tape where the dude pisses on you? Stay off my TV Kim Kardashian and the rest of your family.

  3. Oi, you – get back,

    I saw her first

    There’s a bloody queue, you pushy cow !!!

    • But are you seeing the LOOK she is giving me??? It totally says “we have a physical relationship- and by physical I mean we don’t know each other”….


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