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why do i wait for saturday?

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All week I wait for the weekend!

On Monday I say “good damn its already Monday….where’s my coffee?”

On Tuesday I say “shit I’m tired, there should be a law against 5am alarm clocks….where’s my coffee?”

On Wednesday I say “ITS HUMP DAY….but in reality I’m far too tired to hump anything (unless Jason Statham shows up then watch out).

On Thursday I say “Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday…I don’t think I can bear much more”.

On Friday I say “Is it 3pm yet? When will this dat be over TGIF”.

On Saturday my kids wake me up at 6am fighting over the computer and who gets the last cookie (that they just ate the whole bag together)! I get up scream everyone shut up your fauther is sleeping!!! Then I look around and say “FUCK, where did all this laundry come from? And who made this big mess!!!”. And I spend the weekend cleaning, shopping and laundry!



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Well I guess since you are still around... you didn't get Raptured either ... That means you are a SINNER... so stop judging me!

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  1. I don’t have kids (and for that, my unborn children thank me), but I feel the same way. By the time the weekend gets here, I’m usually so drained from the workweek that what I look forward to most is sleep. Oh well. At least it’s not the office!

    And on Thursday you can throw out SHIT–So Happy It’s Thursday (I just learned this and like a 10-year old, I giggled.)

  2. Yeah, I put everything off until Sunday, and then I don’t have time, so I end up doing laundry on weeknights. Blech.

    But I don’t have any children (that I know of, I mean, it’s possible that I was abducted by aliens and there are alien children with my genetic material out there somewhere, which just goes to show that aliens should be a LITTLE more selective when choosing experimentees). Instead, I get up on Saturdays and do fun things while pretending that I have no responsibilities in the world.


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