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a woman worth having!

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A quote from my man,

“a woman who will sit next to you in a fucked up ford focus is a woman worth keeping, you KNOW she isn’t with you for your money!”

This is why I keep him! Advice for all you men out there! Put the beemer away and pull out the pinto for that first few dates!

You should also keep a woman who crys over soup about her last relationship!

And if she wears sunglasses inside!

And if she is wearing one of my drain hair wigs…the curly one specifically!!

And if she brings her dad to check you out first!

And if she moves her stuff into your flat before the end of your first date! She obviously loves you! (And if you try to get away she will cut your eyes out)…


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  1. Good rule… just don’t “dress down” too much because she’ll think you’re maybe homeless and live in that car… Unless you’re into girls who dig homeless guys (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    Here’s one for girls: Don’t dress up more than you do on a normal basis, and allow your sock-tan line to show. If it bugs him, he’s probably not interested in your mind.

  2. with 4 dogs that mean even my dressy up clothes are inevitably covered in dog hair, any woman at all that will sit next to me anywhere, anytime is worth keeping since it’s obviously not my appearance that’s attracting her 😆

    • You know if your collect up all that dog hair you can make it into yarn and you can knit yourself jumpers… Women love men who can knit!!

    • Blahahaha Duncan, I remember a guy I met coming over to my place in his business suit. Before I could say a word he sat down on my cat’s favorite chair. When he got up all the behind of his suit was covered in cat hair (which he couldn’t see). No, of course I didn’t say a word. We went out to dinner, he looked like a dumbassed fool so I dumped him 🙂 Yeah, yeah shallow 🙂

  3. HA! You’re a better woman than I will ever be. (Only because I never drink soup.;))


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