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i’m TIRED of your precious snowflake!

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This is where I get mad and lash out! This is where I shake my head at the children you are raising! This is where I question what your motivations are!

What the hell happened to parents? When did it become a fucking bubble world where everyone is coddled and purell’ed to death? When did saying NO to your children become taboo? Why are we not letting our kids play, and argue and fight and get dirty and be kids???

My kids get dirty! We do NOT own a gaming system unless you count the leapster! When my kids get in an argument with their friends, I send them back out to figure out a resolution, to make up and play again! When your kids are sick I don’t ban them from my house, because kids don’t build an immunity if they are never exposed!

My daughter is being bullied by her two friends….she can play with them one on one but together these two girls pick on her! One is particularly bad…this girl tonight tried to take Ems book, Em pulled it back and this little girl looked at her smiled said “I’m going to tell my mom you punched me” and then I watched this little girl turn on the water works and run to her mom! They are 9 years old! Her mom will approach my daughter at school tomorrow (like she always does) and confront her!

Want to know the outcome? Em won’t go out to play and is getting anxiety about going to school because this girls mom is going to “talk” to her!

GUESS what….I’M not ok with this!!!! And I will put a stop to it!

News flash…. All kids are assholes…..even yours!


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  1. It sounds like your girl Em has come upon herself a baby bitch that will grow up to be a bigger bitch and form a pack of bitches known as a Bunch O’Bitches. I know, I am surrounded by them. Poor Em not wanting to play now. Nip it in the bud. I would make suggestions, but they involve chloraform and duct tape and bodies being thrown out of speeding cars, and seriously, I promised the judge I wouldn’t be giving child-rearing advice anymore.

    • Hahha indeed she’s a baby bitch alright! Em and I had a long discussion about the difference between having friends, and being popular! Where do I get chloriform in these parts! Baby bitches mom might need some persuasion!!! 🙂

  2. Must be a girl thing – my wee sister used to do the same thing to me when we were kids. The bugger could turn on the waterworks any time she wanted. We would be squabbling over something trivial. She would start crying. My parents would come to investigate. She’d claim I’d hit her. I’d say I f*cken did not. My parents would belt me once for swearing and then again for supposedly hitting my sister. She meanwhile would be smirking and sticking her tongue out at me behind my parents back. Ggrrrrrr !!!!

    • You know how I combat this from happening with my kids??? I punish them both, one for enabling and one for doing the deed…they found out quick that its not worth it to tattle tale because then they get in trouble too… So far so good…lets see how long it lasts. I found kids morph faster then mutant virus’.

  3. Behind every jerky kid there is a jerky parent doing some major league enabling. Apples don’t fall far from the tree.

    I am special. There’s only one me in the whole universe. Most people are thankful for that.

    • Special is good… mini me’s are bad! The world is being populated by little divas that need to figure out the world doesn’t revolve around them.


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