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lets parade our kids around like strippers!

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I decided to take my son (ADHD) to the movies yesterday! Because its hit or miss if he can sit through a movie, I take him to a cheaper theater, that way if he turns into an ass I can walk out without being out hundreds of dollars!

Anyway, in this mall there was a little girl toddlers in tiara’s going on! And I have to ask! At what point did it become okay to parade your little girls around like little skanks and ask them to perform like monkeys for the masses of people who are either thinking A) awwww she’s cute or. B) this is so stupid and sick!

Here are some pics I snapped! And to combat this philosophy I have decided to dress MY little girl as a bag lady! She will thank me for it later!


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  1. Oh I know, right? I watch that Toddler and Tiara show sometimes and am just horrified by the snotty, spoiled little kids living their momma’s “dream” looking like whores.

    • Because EVERY mothers dream was to be a childhood Whore… There is NOTHING… I repeat NOTHING like dragging your 2 year old around a mall with hot curling irons in your hands while they scream bloody murder! Now that is love beyond measure!

  2. They are just living their mom’ broken dreams. Hilarious, the nightmare lives!!!

  3. I’m with you all on this one…… if there’s one thing worse than spolit brats, it’s spoilt parents.

    Tarting you kids up to make you feel important and make paedophiles feel horny while the kids feel miserable is just so sick it’s untrue.

  4. The Government in the UK is rumoured to be planning to introduce legislation to ban shops from sexualising young girls by selling padded bras, thongs, and other ‘adult’ clothing to little girls who are not yet even into double figures, age-wise

    • the pageants need to be outlawed! There is no other solution! As long as they are allowed they will! Our society needs to STOP basing self worth on beauty and size and more on what you contribute to society!

  5. Missed option c.) Pedophiles “window shopping” and thinking… other things.

    These kinds of events are evidence of (biological) “mothers” who’ve not grown up, thinking of their little girls as toys to parade around for other childish “mothers” to envy or compete with with their little dolls.

    And that’s the most charitable construction I can put on this sort of thing.


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