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Rob a bank dressed as a nun!

Sell your neighbours car for parts!

Driving drunk people home, kinda like a taxi only more expensive!

Making wigs from the hair caught in the tubs drain!

Selling important family heirlooms, the neighbours won’t notice them missing!

Make porn movies! All you need is a telephoto lens and a car! Drive around looking in windows your bound to find someone!

Make a lucrative mouse business by taking the mousepads off your coworkers desks! After hours of course!

Steal identities!

Start an at home dog grooming spa…start up material includes the suck vac and pedi paws!

Become a gardner. There are flowers all along the side of the highway FREE! No start up costs! BONUS!

Gas and dash!


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Well I guess since you are still around... you didn't get Raptured either ... That means you are a SINNER... so stop judging me!

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  1. yeah, this is why we probably shouldn’t be allowed to hang out together… TOO LATE!

  2. OK, I’m fine with a drain hair wig but I swear if it looks like a tight perm !!!!!!!!

  3. HA! The making wigs idea is brilliant. I hate seeing people waste their stray hair.

  4. “Driving drunk people home, kinda like a taxi only more expensive!”

    Get a car full and stop multiple times to “buy gas”. Tell ’em all to chip in every time or you’ll just dump ’em. Clean ’em all out before dropping them off, preferably at the wrong houses. Oh, and be sure to collect their keys beforehand so you can give the wrong ones to each drunk.

    If they’re drunk enough, they’ll never catch wise and you can pull these on the same idiots over and over.


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