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Judge says attack on lesbian couple not a hate crime.

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Mark Scott-Attacker

Hate Crime...

Mark Scott a 43 year old man who also has children at the same school approached Jane Currie and Anji Dimitriou and confronted them asking “which one of you ‘MEN’ spoke to my kid?” There was some confrontation’s in the past, an argument over a parking space being the notable offence. He proceeded to call them Dykes, spit on Anji and then punched her in the face (In front of children and other parents). When Jane (Anji’s partner) came to Anji’s defence he punched her and split her cheek open.

I wonder if this Judge (Paul Murray) were standing in a school yard with his visual minority wife and some 6 foot something man came up to her, called her racially derogatory names and punched her in the face, if he would think differently on hate crimes?

It makes no difference if this involves, lesbians, gays, visual minorities of any colour, creed or sexual orientation. To be called out in a public forum and physically assaulted while being called a “Dyke” is the DEFINITION of Hate Crime.

This man punched two women in the face in a SCHOOL yard, and this is his sentence… 6 month Jail term, Anger Management Counselling and to provide a DNA sample to the provincial Databank.

I raise my Gavel and my copy of ‘Human rights weekly’ in honor of EVERY Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered, Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, adult, child,. … Person in the world who has ever been the Victom of a hate crime!

It is NEVER Okay to violently lash out at anyone for any reason… Period…

(well unless it is your husband and he forgot to do the dishes while you were away on a week long work engagement and there are bugs crawling in your sink…then he deserved it!)


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  1. how do people like this judge even GET on the bench? And then STAY there making asinine rulings like this… (and, bugs in the sink? Definitely cause for a murderin’)

  2. Holy crap! And this dude has passed his genes on to a new generation? This world’s in trouble.

    And I didn’t use violence when my roommie left dishes in the sink between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. I gave her three warnings, then I through her thousands of dollars worth of enamel cookware in the dumpster. Of course, that would probably not work with a husband because they would be YOUR dishes… Maybe you should just hide everything and give him paper plates if you have to leave town.

  3. Wait. He beats up two lesbians, calls them dykes and it’s not a hate crime? I thought that was what a hate crime hate someone because of their race/gender/sexual orientation/whether they eat at Wendy’s, and then you beat them up/kill them/rape them/eat their genitals. Am I missing a component here?

    • Nope you got it just right… However Paul says that there was an underlying issue before.. an arguement that was over a parking spot! So this was obviously not about their sexual orientation and more their Parking Orientation. Fucking idiot!


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