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How have you sinned today?

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So since we didn’t end up on Jesus space ship off this Rock, you have to assume we have all sinned!

Here is my contribution to all the sinners of the world.

So proud! You GO GIRL!!

PRIDE- Not only is he happy as hell (and not raptured). His daddy was a leprechaun!

Gree hair... you don't say?

Because EVERYONE wants Green Hair! (Where do I get a bottle of this Green goodness?

I hope he isn't talking about this little guy!

If God was referring to this little creature he was a mean God…who could say that face is Lazy? He’s sitting up isn’t he?

Who the HELL took my picture???

UMMM little afraid here…someone snapped my picture while I was sleeping!!! *closing my curtains*

Anyone have a condom? Anyone?

Seriously does anyone have a Condom?

He has the whole world in his .... mouth!

This MF’er is eating the world…Greedy Bastard! Whatever you do…don’t eat BC… you’ll get the munchies and we will all be doomed!

Lusty lips!

I don’t know about you but I totally want her frog tongue! Super Sexy!!

You know I wish I had this many mouths…would make it sooo much easier to catch up to that Big Mac eating guy… I’m so far behind!!


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  1. You know, when I read about that Big Mac eating guy, my first thought was “I’ve never even had a Big Mac.” I think it’s because there’s 2 patties, and I am strictly a one-patty girl (and yes, Chuckweasel does find it HILARIOUS when I say, “Oh, I don’t want that, that’s too much meat.”)

    • Oh I’m opposite! The more meat the better!! Besides the bigmac only has half the meat of a regular burger! So you can totally double fist a bigmac even if you enjoy little meat!

  2. My Big Mac eating days ended when the Angus Burger came out….and i have the waist line to prove it!

    • But the Angus Burger doesn’t have secret sauce…and I LOVE secret sauce. But I will eat the filet of fish faces too… so I guess im not a good judge.

  3. So you didn’t get raptured huh? Sheez, you missed a great ride 🙂

    • So it seem’s. Either you are commenting from heaven (in which case say hi to the burning bush for me)… or you got your sence of pride before the ride came to a complete stop and you jumped out. Either way… Welcome!!


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