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I should preface this post to tell you that when my inlaws go away for any longer then three days, my husband and his sister go over to their parents house and post it note the WHOLE house to tag what each one gets when they put their parents into ‘Shady Pines’. The retirement village for the ‘under-privledged’. Wealthy!

An actual Conversation between me and my sister in law!

Me: I am going to see if Jenn will watch the dog for the weekend! I don’t think it would be a good idea to bring her up considering the last time…

SIL: Might be an idea as I’m sure mom be bringing freak and frak with them.

Me: I don’t doubt it, last time I checked cats can be left home alone for a couple of days, but then again I’m no cat expert.

SIL: ITS B, she shits everywhere when left for more then a day.

Me: Ahhh I see!! Have to LOVE senility. I plan to do the same when I’m over 100 years old.

SIL: Remind me not to share a room with you at Shady Pines!!!!

Me: Ha ha you will be over 109! I am sure you will be at a higher state of decay then I will be.

SIL: I’ll be at the point of dragging my ass on the carpet!

Me: ROFLMAO…Classy… I would PAY to see that!


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