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Lets not forget the Crusades!

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Let me preface this that I enjoy people watching.  I listen and am always amazed by people!

So I was talking to my mom yesterday.  We are going to be having an election soon and I was talking to her about how Religion and Politics do not belong together.  We live in a melting pot of cultures and religions and it’s just no longer appropriate.

My mom is the stereotypical “White Catholic”,  she thinks it sad to see the Lords prayer removed from schools and congress.  Of course I took this opportunity to try to enlighten her, so I asked why she felt that way.

“Why should we have to change our culture and beliefs to fit those that came after us?  If Canadians or Americans were to move to “their” Country do you think they would change THEIR system to fit us?” 

She is upset that Public Schools are not able to say the “Lords Prayer”  and she commented on how all the “other” religions are fighting and killing in the name of their religion.

I had to remind her that Catholics and Protestants are fighting still today and that the ‘Religious” groups that are killing innocent people are terrorist cells …that they do not represent the religion as a whole. 

Then I had to remind her about the Crusades!  ~It got quiet~ Match point.


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  1. The Crusades? Oh, you mean like a response to the bloody military conquest of Jerusalem and its surrounding domains by Muslim armies? Those Crusades? Perhaps you should include even the defense of Vienna by Jan III Sobieski of Poland (he definitely went out of his way for that one) or Charles Martel’s defense of the Aquitaine (not his own territory) or the liberation of Spain from Muslim conquest? Or the Battle of Lepanto, wherein a coalition of nominally Christian maritime forces, the so-called “Holy League,” crushed a bunch of Ottoman jihadis?

    All the “aggressive” acts of the West–primarily by at least nominally “Christian” forces–against Muslims have been the direct result of Muslims picking the fights to begin with. As far as I’m concerned, invoking the Crusades as an argument against religion is a good argument against… Islam. Period. Self-defense is not a crime, nor is it a sin; it is a virtue. While it is true that some committed immoral acts during the defense of the West that fall outside the waging of just war, that does not invalidate or in any way delegitimize the self-defense nature of the basic conflict.

    The Muslims started all the fights and eventually lost almost all they had gained in conquest. Should have lost it all, IMO, down to the last square foot, as even the first “great Muslim victory” was gained through deceit, treachery and mass murder of unarmed people (followed by the plunder of their goods, the rape and enslavement of their women and children, etc.–IOW, typical, normative Muslim behavior over the centuries).

    Islam is nothing but a hate cult. Just read the Koran. The 25% or so that is “peaceful” is all from the early “Mecca Years” and Islam’s incontrovertible prophet specifically claims that anything contradictory in his words is to be resolved in favor of later pronouncements. And all his hate speech (contradicting his EARLIER commentary) instructing his followers to kill, plunder and enslave anyone who wouldn’t submit to his political system is later, invalidating the force of earlier “peaceful” plagiarizing from other religions.

    There are differences between religions.

    Anyone who commits rape, mass murder, theft and worse in the name of Mohamed does so specifically following both his clear instructions and his life’s example, in other words, such a person is a faithful disciple of Mohamed, a good Muslim.

    Anyone who commits rape, mass murder, theft and worse in the name of the Nazarene is a liar and is no Christian at all, no matter what he may claim, because such behavior is in direct contradiction to the words of the person on whom Christianity stakes its claims.

  2. Sure, or we could go back further then that to 1095 CE. A nice speech made by Pope Urban the second, referred to the Christians as the noble race of the Franks. He encouraged Christians to join the armies to get Jerusalem from the Muslims. Most crusaders left Europe to fight the Muslims and were aiming to form kingdoms and acquire the wealth of those areas. They were agains everyone who did not follow their religion and did not look like them, Muslims, jews, even dark skinned christians. They attacked and murdered them.


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